A Concise Dictionary of Markets and Investing

A Concise Dictionary of Markets and Investing

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Pages: 102


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I learned a ton from reading this little book. You can too.”

Jim Cramer

This is a dictionary of key market and investing terms to help individuals and organizations grow their wealth. A comprehensive financial dictionary with more than 180 terms in such fields as mutual funds, banking, stocks, bonds, tax laws, and transactions in the various financial markets presented alphabetically with descriptions. Everyone needs a dictionary of market and investing terms in today’s ever changing and complex marketplace. This is the place to begin. Jim Cramer’s Introduction sets the Dictionary in context. Purposely written and designed for the digital marketplace where precision, speed and transparency are fundamental, this is destined to become an eBook investment classic.

About The Street

Since its inception in 1996, The Street has distinguished itself from other financial media companies with its journalistic excellence, unbiased approach and interactive multimedia coverage of the financial markets, economy, industry trends, investment and financial planning. The Street’s mission is to provide the most actionable ideas from the world of investing, finance and business in order to break down information barriers, level the playing field and help all individuals and organizations grow their wealth. With an unmatched suite of digital services, The Street offers all of the tools and insight needed to make the best decisions about earning, investing, saving and spending money. Today, The Street is more than 160 journalists delivering actionable ideas every day.

About Jim Cramer

Jim Cramer runs the charitable trust portfolio Action Alerts PLUS and writes daily market commentary for RealMoney, a premium service from The Street. He also participates in video segments on The Street TV and serves as host of CNBC’s “Mad Money” television program. Cramer graduated magna cum laude from Harvard College, where he was president of The Harvard Crimson. He received his law degree from Harvard in 1984. Instead of practicing law, however, he joined Goldman Sachs, leaving to start his own hedge fund. While he worked at his fund, Cramer played a key role in launching Smart Money magazine for Dow Jones and then, in 1996, founded The Street, the preeminent financial website on investing. In 2000, Cramer retired from active money management to embrace media full time, including radio and television.

About the Editors

This dictionary was begun in 1999 as project to convey critically important market and trading terms to a non-Wall Street audience of individual investors and active traders. Editors refreshed and added to the material through the years, reflecting changes in markets, technology, and the growing sophistication of the investing public.

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