A Guide to Flexible Dieting

A Guide to Flexible Dieting

Lyle McDonald

Language: English

Pages: 87

ISBN: 0967145651

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A Guide to Flexible Dieting
How Being Less Strict with Your Diet Can Make it Work Better

About the Book

Rather than presenting a specific diet, A Guide to Flexible Dieting is a look at some of the psychological and physiological reasons why diets so often fail. Among these is the research demonstrated fact that individuals who are too rigid in their approach to dieting (e.g. expecting complete unyielding perfection at all times) are actually less successful in the long-run than individuals who are more flexible in their approach.

Building on this research, as well as looking at the physiology behind bodyweight regulation, A Guide to Flexible Dieting examines three distinct strategies that dieters can use to make their fat loss efforts more flexible. Free meals (single meals that ‘break’ the diet), refeeds (periods of deliberate high-calorie consumption) along with full diet breaks (periods of 10-14 days where active dieting is not pursued) are all discussed in detail with specific guidelines for their implementation.

Dieters who find themselves falling into the trap of “I broke my diet by eating a single cookie, I should just go ahead and eat the entire bag (and another for good measure).” should read this book to see how such rigid attitudes towards dieting are ultimately both limiting and destructive to long-term success.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: This is not your father’s diet book
Chapter 2: A brief tangent: weight vs. fat loss
Chapter 3: Why diets fail part 1: Bodyweight Regulation
Chapter 4: Why diets fail Part 2: Introduction
Chapter 5: How dieters fail diets
Chapter 6: How diets fail dieters
Chapter 7: Introduction to flexible dieting
Chapter 8: Determining your bodyfat percentage
Chapter 9: Free meals
Chapter 10: Structured refeeds: Part 1
Chapter 11: Structured refeeds: Part 2
Chapter 12: The full diet break: Introduction
Chapter 13: Eating at maintenance Non-calculating method Part 1
Chapter 14: Eating at maintenance Non-calculating method Part 2
Chapter 15: Eating at maintenance Calculation Method
Chapter 16: Moving back into dieting
Appendix 1

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