A Love for Food: Recipes and Notes for Cooking and Eating Well

A Love for Food: Recipes and Notes for Cooking and Eating Well

Daylesford Organic Ltd

Language: English

Pages: 187

ISBN: 0007274793

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The ultimate in delicious, fresh food from the company who are dedicated to growing, producing and cooking real food, organically.

The Daylesford recipe for delicious eating is simple - organic produce of the utmost quality. Ingredients from local producers, seasonal crops, humanely-reared meat and a simplified supply chain guarantees food that’s fresh, ethically-produced and, most importantly, full of flavour.

This beautiful book will help you make Daylesford's award-winning recipes at home, showing you how to live healthily and simply throughout the food calendar year. With everything – from seven-seed sourdough bread to quintessentially English spiced apple cake, as well as delicious meat and game dishes, including Daylesford’s favourite rabbit, cider and mustard pie – the principles of good wholesome food and seasonality lie behind each carefully crafted dish.

Mark every season, with ideas on how to use a glut of vegetables from your garden, tasty jams and relishes to stock your winter larder and mouth-watering fruit confections for the summer months. This is the essential cookery book for organic food lovers everywhere.

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