A Man of Contradictions: A Life of A. L. Rowse

A Man of Contradictions: A Life of A. L. Rowse

Richard Ollard

Language: English

Pages: 388

ISBN: B00B72L1S0

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

He proclaimed himself a genius and raged against the slightest criticism from fellow scholars; he was a Marxist who despised the 'Idiot People'; he could be generous and affectionate yet hurled insults at his friends; he inveighed against Puritanism but was himself in many ways a Puritan: A. L. Rowse was a man of many contradictions.

In this clear-sighted and absorbing biography, Richard Ollard examines the many sides of Rowse's Protean personality to reveal a man who, whatever he was responding to - public affairs, the arts, natural beauty or events in his personal life - did so with tremendous energy and passion.

'An urbane study of the celebrated historian.' Antonia Fraser, Daily Mail

'Strikes a perfect balance between the Jekyll Rowse and the Hyde Rowse.' Bevis Hillier, Spectator

'Excellent.' Katherine Duncan-Jones, TLS

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