And Loving It (Get Smart, Book 6)

And Loving It (Get Smart, Book 6)

William Johnston

Language: English

Pages: 100


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Max's latest—and perhaps greatest—case. Just imagine Max and 99 battling the paralyzing, petrifying powers of Guro Optimo, a mind-manipulating, Indian hypnotist and his merciless master, Lucky Bucky Buckley!

To save the world from falling under Optimo's sinister spell, Max and 99 team up with—of all people—a Kaos agent named V.T. Brattleboro. Unbelievable things happen to the Control-Kaos combo inside Buckley's evil medieval castle. They are menaced by brain-washed guards, giant crocodiles, and a monstrous avalanche of peanut brittle!

But can Max really trust Brattleboro? Or Brattleboro trust Max? And can 99 trust either one—especially Max?

The Chief of Control is sure that this time Max is in over his head. But he needn't worry, for Max doesn't have a fearful bone in his body or his head. As always, he's ill-prepared for danger of any kind—AND LOVING IT!

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