Athens - Story of a democracy

Athens - Story of a democracy

Claude Mosse


Pages: 260

ISBN: 2:00302676

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Subject of the book is the history of ancient Athens from the late 7th to the end of the 4th Century: a story of shocking violent riots, the conspiracy of Cylon, reforms of Solon and Pisistratus tyranny, as the Peloponnesian war, the battle of Chaeronea and the reign of Alexander the Great and his successors. The author combines and exploits with admirable skill an extraordinary wealth of evidence of all kinds, historical and literary sources, archaeological finds. In negotiated not only refers to the ancient texts and the lists when to help interpret the economic situation, social relations and political events of the time studying. Particularly concerned about the genesis and course of democratic institutions, in direct correlation with the needs created. The versatile and daring speculation, the nonsectarian conclusions, accurate interpretations, combined with the simple and flowing narrative, leading to an overall picture of the Athenian democracy through an intelligible and meaningful reading.

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