Barbara Leigh Smith Bodichon: Feminist, Artist and Rebel

Barbara Leigh Smith Bodichon: Feminist, Artist and Rebel

Language: English

Pages: 390

ISBN: 0712665811

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Barbara Leigh Smith Bodichon was the most unconventional and influential leader of the Victorian women’s movement. Enormously talented, energetic, and original, she was a feminist, law-reformer, painter, journalist, close friend of George Eliot, and a cousin of Florence Nightingale. As a painter, she is now recognized as a vital figure among Pre-Raphaelite women artists. As a feminist, she led four great campaigns—for married women’s legal status, for women’s right to work, to vote, and to be educated. Pamela Hirsch has written a biography that is as lively and powerful as its subject, resurrecting this half-forgotten figure and placing her squarely in the context of women’s struggle for equality.

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