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Introduce your students to the latest developments in biotechnology and genomics with this new edition of Campbell and Farrell's best-selling text for the one-term course. Known for its logical organization, appropriate depth of coverage, and vibrant illustrations, BIOCHEMISTRY, 8th Edition, helps your students synthesize the flood of information that has inundated the field since the decoding of the human genome, while showing them how biochemistry principles connect to their everyday lives. The book incorporates up-to-date developments in stem cell research, cloning, and immunology and offers revised coverage of major topics, such as Molecular Biology. Balancing scientific detail with readability, the book is ideal for students studying biochemistry for the first time. For example, in-text questions and problem sets categorized by problem type help students master chemistry and prepare for exams, and "Biochemical Connections" demonstrate how biochemistry applies to other fields such as health and sports medicine. In addition, the book's revised state-of-the-art visual program improves learning outcomes and its innovative magazine articles, "Hot Topics in Biochemistry" now reflect the latest advances in the field. Count on BIOCHEMISTRY, 8th Edition, to lead the way in currency, clarity, and innovation for your one-semester biochemistry course

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