Biology and Anatomy & Physiology Helps: The Cell

Biology and Anatomy & Physiology Helps: The Cell

Carolyn Miller

Language: English

Pages: 43


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The Biology and Anatomy & Physiology Helps series is designed to provide a review of the objectives and vocabulary covered by many instructors. This series is in note-like format to supplement any student study guide and provides a self test at the end of each text to help with material review of the topic covered. The Biology and A&P Helps series is intended as an aid for research projects, advanced homeschoolers, AP high school students and college students pursuing a BS, particularly in the fields of nursing, pre-med, pre-vet, biology, zoology, microbiology and biochemistry.
The books in the Biology and Anatomy & Physiology Helps series are designed to act as a lesson supplements. These texts are not intended to provide a comprehensive review of the materials covered without a full Biology or Anatomy & Physiology curriculum to back it up.
The Biology and Anatomy & Physiology Helps series also provides note taking tips as an aid to further develop classroom and study skills.
This volume covers The Cell
Table of contents:
Note Taking Helps
Cell Basics
Plasma Membrane
Membrane Proteins
Variations on Cel Membranes
Transport Across Membranes
Membrane Potential
Plasma Membrane Receptors
The Cytoplasm and Organelles
Protein Synthesis
Self Test
Resources and References
About the Author

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