Chasing Marisol (Blueprint to Love Book 3)

Chasing Marisol (Blueprint to Love Book 3)

Lauren Giordano

Language: English

Pages: 244

ISBN: B01901MM9Q

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Contemporary, small town romance: Blueprint to Love series book 3. Construction executive Jefferson Traynor has zero problems attracting women. It's dumping them that causes trouble. Until now. Beautiful, sexy Marisol Ortega seems immune to his superpower charms. Not that he's interested in anything lasting, but Mari is a blow to his ego, Up for a new challenge, Jeff may have to put in some overtime on this one.

Marisol Ortega is on a mission-- building the safest women's shelter she can negotiate on her shoestring budget. If flirting with a gorgeous, cocky millionaire yields better kitchen equipment to feed the homeless-- then game on. A single mom to foster son Hector, Mari is juggling enough problems. She can't afford the distraction of the crazy hot man pursuing her.

Love under construction: Chasing Marisol was supposed to be a fun, no-strings interlude while Jeff builds a safe shelter for the strong women he has grown to admire. Falling for Mari and Hector was never in the specs. Commitment isn't part of his blueprint. But spending time at the shelter changes him. When a child goes missing, Jeff will stop at nothing to get him back. Marisol can see a future with Jeff, but can she ever move past old fears to risk building a shiny, new life with him?

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