Cold War: Sex, Spies and Nuclear Missiles

Cold War: Sex, Spies and Nuclear Missiles

Dan Sharp

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Cold War: Sex, Spies and Nuclear Missiles is the story of Britain during the most dangerous years of the global nuclear standoff – when the nation stood beside the US against the might of the USSR.

At the height of Britain’s Cold War, the Conservative government was dealt a fatal blow by a sex scandal involving the war minister, glamorous young model Christine Keeler and a Soviet spy. The nation’s first nuclear submarine was launched and the Polaris missile system was bought. US president John F. Kennedy was assassinated, the Vietnam War escalated, the Great Train Robbers played Monopoly with real money, Sean Connery was James Bond in From Russia With Love and Kim Philby was named as the ‘third man’ in the Cambridge Spy Ring.

Now Cold War: Sex, Spies and Nuclear Missiles, featuring a new foreword penned by Keeler herself, exposes the spies, reveals the scandals, examines the bombs, the aircraft and the tanks, and delves into the too often ignored history of Britain’s years as the third global nuclear superpower.

Dan Sharp has worked as a news journalist for 15 years, specializing in politics, crime and military history. Based in Nottinghamshire, he writes for and edits numerous publications.

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