Conflicts of Interest: Diaries, 1977-80 (Tony Benn Diaries, Volume 4)

Conflicts of Interest: Diaries, 1977-80 (Tony Benn Diaries, Volume 4)

Tony Benn

Language: English

Pages: 669

ISBN: 0091743214

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Publish Year note: First published October 4th 1990

In this, the fourth volume of Tony Benn's diaries, the Labour Government continues its fight for survival. Important developments are occurring both at home and internationally. In Britain, Benn as Secretary of State for Energy is directly involved with Windscale and decisions about nuclear power and oil policy. Abroad, the Government is concerned with Carter's reappraisal of American foreign policy, the overthrow of the Shah of Iran and problems of EEC membership.

In the Labour party itself, new forces of radicalism and reform are emerging, resulting in changes in Labour's policies and the ultimate formation of the SDP.

Labour's unsuccessful economic policy and the widening rift with the labour movement lead to the Winter of Discontent and a near state of emergency. With Labour voters defecting, the scene is set for the Thatcher years.

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