Defender: The Alex Morgan Interpol Spy Thriller Series (Intrepid 1)

Defender: The Alex Morgan Interpol Spy Thriller Series (Intrepid 1)

Chris Allen

Language: English

Pages: 340

ISBN: 1743341377

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

#1 Spy Stories, #3 Suspense Thrillers, #4 Action & Adventure, #5 Thriller Kindle Best-Seller
An African coup is imminent, an SIS agent has gone rogue and darker forces are at play. 
A typical mission for a black-ops Interpol agent.
But this is Alex Morgan's first and already he's out for revenge.

Part Jason Bourne, part James Bond, Alex Morgan is an agent of Interpol's black-ops division - Intrepid. Policeman, soldier and spy, Morgan and his fellow operatives are the faceless strangers who serve the greater good - the means to justify the end.

When an intelligence agent is brutally murdered and the president of a small African country is put in danger, Morgan is sent in on his first solo mission for Intrepid.

His cover is to evacuate a group of aid workers, with the help of the beautiful but distant Arena Halls, before the country is swept by civil war. But his true mission is much darker. A spy has gone rogue - and there's more at stake than the guy's career in the Secret Intelligence Service.

A heart-pounding, no-holds-barred chase from the dark heart of Africa to the crystalline waters of Sydney culminates in a fight to the death to stop the vicious renegade intelligence officer and uncover the shadowy conspiracy behind him.

Can Morgan stay alive long enough to rescue the girl, save himself and bring the renegade to justice?

DEFENDER: Intrepid 1 is the first in the Alex Morgan Interpol Spy Thriller series taking readers by storm.


"The aftertaste of blood and gunmetal makes it clear these books are written by a real soldier."
Bradley Trevor Greive, New York Times Best-Selling Author

"A military thriller with a cracking pace in the James Phelan or Matthew Reilly vein."
The West Australian
"This story was brutal and dark in places. It reveals in this starkly told story that there will always be those men who fight for the good and those who care nothing about the rest of humanity but only hunger for power and wealth." Douglas C. Meeks, Amazon Top 500 reviewer

"If you want to read about the way we are doing battle in the 21st century, get into Chris Allen." 
Kate Stone, Goodreads 
"Action packed from start to finish. I assumed Defender would be like most other predictable spy novels, but I was blown away. Not only did Allen's real life military experience give the book accuracy, but the author makes you feel like it is you crawling through the mud." Missaliax, Amazon reviewer
"The heart and value of this story is in its portrayal of people facing circumstances and situations of which the average audience has little understanding, yet which are faced by men and women every day. If you're looking for a new experience, this book is for you." Sam Hankins, Amazon reviewer
"Alex Morgan is a terrific protagonist - I hope Chris Allen will turn this into a long series of books." EA Fow, Amazon reviewer
"Mr. Allen's personal experience in the service lends a certain welcome authenticity to the plot, but don't worry - the hero battles his way through more than his share of over-the-top set pieces, making this book hard to put down." Zachary Harshaw, Amazon reviewer

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