Earth Sheltered Homes: Plans and Designs

Earth Sheltered Homes: Plans and Designs

Donna Ahrens

Language: English

Pages: 117

ISBN: 0442286759

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Part 1
Overwiev of Earth Sheltered Housing

Part 2
Minnesota Housing Finance Agency Demonstration Houses

Carnden State Park House
Willmar House
Waseca House
Burnsville House
Seward Town Houses
Wild River Srate Park House
Whitewater State Park House

Part 3
Sixteen Houses from the U.S. and Europe

Remington House
Clark House
Hadley House
Feuille House
Sticks & Stones House
Earthtech & Stones House
SunEarth House
Boothe House
Wells House/Office
Architerra Houses
Terra-Dome House
Demyut House
Wheeler House
Moreland House
Topic House


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