Edmund Wilson: A Bibliography

Edmund Wilson: A Bibliography

Richard David Ramsey

Language: English

Pages: 364


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"Back in 1971, I published my bibliography of Edmund Wilson. Occasionally I still come across references to it, as I did today while surfing the 'net. These electronic
searches were hardly even science fiction when I was doing the research for the book. Times have changed. I wish I had had today's search engines back when I put two or
three years of my life into that book. Nonetheless, the geometrically expanding range of information still makes a bibliographer's job challenging. Attempting to find and verify
everything which Wilson had written, and which had been written about him, during his many prolific years was a daunting task. At one point I wanted to quit, but my M.A.
thesis advisor at Vanderbilt, Thomas Daniel Young, urged me on. I met Edmund Wilson at his home on Cape Cod shortly after I published the book. I came with a friend who
had a history degree from the University of Virginia. Both of us left his house very much impressed with how Edmund Wilson seemed to know something about everything; in
person he had the same extent of eclecticism which characterized his writing. Dan Young, who was also series editor for 'Fugitive Bibliographies' of which my book formed a part, passed on to his reward in 1997. In the last Christmas card he sent to me before his death, he indicated that he had written or edited 32 books. I'm glad that some people
have found my book useful and that it is still listed on Amazon" Richard David Ramsey

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