Energy Investing DeMystified: A Self-Teaching Guide

Energy Investing DeMystified: A Self-Teaching Guide

Davis Edwards

Language: English

Pages: 235


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Fuel your portfolio with smart energy investing

Electricity. Bio-fuels. Natural gas. Oil. They power the world. And if you know what you're doing, they can power your investment portfolio.

Energy Investing DeMYSTiFieD provides the information, insight, and tools you need to immediately start investing in this exciting industry.

Written in a clear, easy-to-understand style, this go-to guide helps you diversify your portfolio with profit-driving investments in energy commodities, options, stocks, and bonds. Chapter-ending quizzes and a final exam help prepare you for energy-related industry examinations, such as GARP's Energy Risk Professional, the NASD Series 3, and the CFA Institute's Chartered Financial Analyst examination.

Energy Investing DeMYSTiFieD shows both new and experienced investors how to make wise decisions todiversify and expand their investments.

This fast and easy guide provides:
• An overview of all the energy markets, including crude oil, refined petroleum products, bio-fuels, natural gas, coal, electricity, and more
• Detailed coverage of commodity futures, commodity options, stock, and bond investments
• Examples of effective strategies for generating high returns in this exciting market
• A handbook-style reference containing option formulas, conversion relationships, product descriptions, maps, and other commonly used investing reference material

Simple enough for a novice but challenging enough for an experienced investor, Energy Investing DeMYSTiFieD helps you take full advantage of today's booming energy market.

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