European Poets (Critical Survey of Poetry)

European Poets (Critical Survey of Poetry)

Rosemary M. Canfield Reisman

Language: English

Pages: 1312

ISBN: 2:00121686

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

European Poets is part of Salem Press’s greatly expanded and redesigned Critical Survey of Poetry Series. The Critical Survey of Poetry, Fourth Edition, presents profiles of major poets, with sections on other literary forms, achievements, biography, general analysis, and analysis of the poet’s most important poems or collections. Although the profiled authors may have written in other genres as well, sometimes to great acclaim, the focus of this set is on theirmost important works of poetry.

The Critical Survey of Poetry was originally published in 1983 and 1984 in separate English- and foreign-language series, a supplement in 1987, a revised English-language series in 1992, and a combined revised series in 2003. The Fourth Edition includes all
poets from the previous edition and adds 145 new ones, covering 843 writers in total. The poets covered in this set represent more than 40 countries and their poetry dates from the eighth century b.c.e. to the present. The set also offers 72 informative overviews; 20 of these essays were added for this edition, including all the literary movement essays. In addition, seven resources are provided, two of them new. More than 500 photographs and portraits of poets have been included.

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