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When my sister, Evelyn was diagnosed with cancer in April 2007, none of us knew we were about to embark on a fifteen month journey with her. She had been trapped in what she described as a dungeon of alcoholism for a very long time and this diagnosis of cancer was, ironically, the very force that freed her. Fifteen months is a very short time, but Evelyn was to pack more into those months than some people pack into a lifetime. She took her place once again in her beloved family, getting to know her nephews and nieces and re-connecting with old friends. But most importantly, she let us back in once more and allowed us to shower her with all the love we had for her. In return, she overpowered us with the love she had for each and every one of us. Evelyn was a unique human being. She was the most non-judgemental person I have ever known and accepted everyone for who they were faults and all. She had an uncanny ability to hone in on what made a person tick and people found they could be completely themselves in her presence. She was as skilful a hair stylist as our mother, Alice, was a dressmaker and her years at the helm of Mai Hair Fashions on the Clontarf sea front were probably some of the happiest of her life. It seemed to me at times that Evelyn was also running a counselling service, for her clients would often emerge from her hair salon not only looking better but also feeling better after the time spent with her. Evelyn was a font of wisdom, mixed with a good dollop of common sense and a generosity of spirit and of pocket that knew no bounds. She also had a wry sense of humour that cut through the absurdities and injustices that life throws at all of us sometimes. Evelyn faced her illness with bravery and courage and each of us, her sisters and brothers, extended family and her many friends, has a unique story to tell of those last precious months with her. This is my story. Thank you Evelyn. What a time we had.

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