Farewell to the Working Class

Farewell to the Working Class

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Pages: 200

ISBN: 0896081672

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'Vintage Gorz - stimulating in its insight and rich in its documentation.' Guardian 'As unemployment rises, the struggle, Gorz insists, is not for the 'Right to Work' but for an income regardless of work, for the sharing of the reduced amount of necessary social labour, above all for the primacy of autonomous, self-determined activity. And it is a struggle, he claims, that is already taking place.' New Statesman André Gorz argues that changes in the role of the work and labour process in the closing decades of the twentieth century have, once and for all, weakened the power of skilled industrial workers. Their place has been taken, says Gorz, by social movements such as the women's movement and the green movement, and all those who refuse to accept the work ethic so fundamental to early capitalist societies. Provocative and heretical, Farewell to the Working Class is a classic study of labour and unemployment in the post-industrial world.

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