HTML5 and JavaScript Web Apps

HTML5 and JavaScript Web Apps

Wesley Hales

Language: English

Pages: 172

ISBN: 1449320511

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This hands-on book looks past the hype and buzzwords surrounding HTML5 and gives you a conservative and practical approach to using HTML5, JavaScript MVC frameworks, and the latest W3C specifications. You’ll quickly master how to build mobile and desktop web apps that are widely supported across all major web browsers and devices.

Even though Web Storage, Web Workers, Geolocation, Device Orientation, and WebSockets have been covered many times in the past, it is often from a very high or basic level. This book goes into the trenches to review actual use cases for each of these APIs and gives real-world examples on how to use each one. If you're familiar with JavaScript, CSS and HTML basics and are ready to start piecing together the architecture of HTML5, then this book is for you.

  • Assemble a coherent architectural whole from HTML5’s complex collection of parts
  • Gain a clear understanding of client-side architecture and the "mobile first" approach
  • Design, create, and tune eye-catching and robust mobile web apps
  • Explore how the top five JavaScript MVC frameworks interact with the server
  • Learn best practices for setting up a raw WebSocket server
  • Examine how sites such as Google, Twitter, and Amazon store data on the client
  • Use real-world methods for applying geolocation, and learn the pitfalls of various implementations
  • Process images and other data in the background with Web Workers

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