Introduction to Genetic Principles

Introduction to Genetic Principles

David R. Hyde

Language: English

Pages: 938


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Hyde’s Introduction to Genetics teaches the principles of genetics with an innovative approach that emphasizes the basic concepts involved in solving problems as well as teaching students how to manipulate genetic data.

While most genetics textbooks provide some examples and several problems for the student to work, the texts primarily stress facts and historical information. It is often left to the student to make the connection from what is in the text to elucidating the approaches to solve problems. Dr. David Hyde presents these skills to the students throughout the narrative in a stepped-out fashion, making an explicit tie between the facts and their application.

This text maintains the rigor that faculty require in a genetics book, while incorporating a student-friendly presentation style that helps the reader comprehend the material.

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