Kings and Castles

Kings and Castles

Marc Morris

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Pages: 74


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Medieval Britain was dominated by its kings, and its kings dominated the land with their castles.

But what were those castles? Were they fortresses? Palaces? Or symbols of their owners power, and of their right to rule.

In this stimulating collection of articles and essays, the best-selling historian and broadcaster Marc Morris answers those fundamental questions - and many more.

He explores some of Britain’s favourite castles, such as Framlingham, Goodrich and Castle Acre, and the castle-building campaigns of famous kings like William the Conqueror and Edward I. And he addresses issues such as the origins of the cult of St George, the changing role of the medieval English earl and the riddle of the Winchester Round Table. Two articles – one on Edward I’s reputation, another on Lanercost Priory – appear here for the first time.

Dr Marc Morris is a best-selling historian and broadcaster. In 2003 he presented the six-part TV series Castle and wrote its accompanying book. His other books include a critically acclaimed biography of Edward I, A Great and Terrible King, and a major new history of The Norman Conquest

A History of Britain: The British Wars 1603–1776


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