Peter Rose: Houses

Peter Rose: Houses

Peter Rose

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ISBN: 1568988214

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Cambridge, Massachusetts-based architect Peter Rose has built on every scale during the first three decades of his practice. High-profile projects, such as his master plan for the Montreal waterfront and his award-winning Canadian Centre for Architecture in Montreal have brought him both public recognition and the respect of his peers. Besides being known for his artisan's love of solid building materials, craftsmanship, and old-fashioned building methods, it is perhaps no surprise that his residential projects function as laboratories for new ideas. Peter Rose: Houses presents five such houses in complete detail from client collaboration and site evaluation to construction. Rose draws inspiration from the outward simplicity and order of houses of the past but recognizes that their quiet strength depends on a complexity that comes only from thoughtful consideration of site, plan, exterior, and details. Rose insists on a close collaboration with his clients, who come to him because of his reputation for deliberately restrained, livable homes in harmony with the landscape. These residences and second homeson Martha's Vineyard, in New York City, Vermont, and Connecticutare masterful combinations of light, texture, and weight. They are an exquisite fusion of the natural and the man-made, of craft and architecture.

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