Picking Stocks: A Practical Guide to Investing in the Stock Market

Picking Stocks: A Practical Guide to Investing in the Stock Market

Alex Frey, Ivy Bytes

Language: English

Pages: 96


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Following up on lifelong investor and Harvard MBA Alex Frey's successful first work, A Beginner's Guide to Investing, this book takes a clear, concise and authoritative look at a subject that has long been obscured by technical jargon or dishonest get-rich-quick schemes.

Whether you are looking to amplify your returns in a sideways market or just educate yourself about how stocks really "work", this is your blueprint.

The surprising truth about what owning a stock actually means
How the stock market actually works
How to value a stock using Discounted Cash Flow Analysis (DCF)
Five things to look for in a company's financial statements before you buy
What P/S, P/B, and P/E ratios are and when to use each of them to value a stock
What the efficient market hypothesis (EMH) is and why it is relevant to you as a stock-picker
What stock market analysts do all day, and why it is not what you would expect
What you need to know about "momentum trading" to be a profitable investor

Two or three hours with this guide will have even a beginner well on their way to establishing an investing game-plan for earning returns that exceed those of the overall market.
Best of all, at the end of each chapter the authors include a "Further Reading" section
where you can directly link to some of the most influential books, journal articles, and websites on the topic.

Picking Stocks is a great primer on the subject for the beginning or intermediate investor. Start here, build your stock-picking foundation, and then go on to read more advanced works about your chosen strategy.

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