Protein Oxidation and Aging

Protein Oxidation and Aging

Tilman Grune

Language: English

Pages: 524

ISBN: 0470878282

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Reviews our current understanding of the role of protein oxidation in aging and age-related diseases

Protein oxidation is at the core of the aging process. Setting forth a variety of new methods and approaches, this book helps researchers conveniently by exploring the aging process and developing more effective therapies to prevent or treat age-related diseases. There have been many studies dedicated to the relationship between protein oxidation and age-related pathology; now it is possible for researchers and readers to learn new techniques as utilizing protein oxidation products as biomarkers for aging.

Protein Oxidation and Aging begins with a description of the tremendous variety of protein oxidation products. Furthermore, it covers:

  • Major aspects of the protein oxidation process
  • Cellular mechanisms for managing oxidized proteins
  • Role of protein oxidation in aging
  • Influence of genetic and environmental factors on protein oxidation
  • Measuring protein oxidation in the aging process
  • Protein oxidation in age-related diseases

References at the end of each chapter serve as a gateway to the growing body of original research studies and reviews in the field.

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