Rayne's Summer

Rayne's Summer

Margaret M. Ford

Language: English

Pages: 276


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

They all went off to active service together: Vinney and his closest friends Pete and Alfie, but only Alfie came back in one piece. Vinney, Rayne's eldest brother, was killed and Pete is locked up in Peddleton Mental Hospital. What is it that binds his silence and imposes an apparent self-deceptive paralysis?
For a nine-year-old boy, growing up in a remote seaside town in a close-knit community and within a loving family should be easy. But two children are missing and an unexplained death is written off as accidental. What is Alfie Borne, a Korean War veteran, doing in an old unused warehouse and why is he constantly threatening Ryan? And there's something wrong with Rayne's favourite aunt. No one will adequately explain her behaviour to him. What are they hiding from him?
As family secrets are laid bare and events in the small community spiral out of control, Rayne is forced to rapidly take on extra years and evaluate his priorities. Consequently, he is destined never to forget the summer of 1956.

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