Reading the Zohar: The Sacred Text of the Kabbalah

Reading the Zohar: The Sacred Text of the Kabbalah

Pinchas Giller

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Exclusive translations of the "Idrot texts", considered to be the main parts within the Zohar.

Comprising well over a thousand pages of densely written Aramaic, the compilation of texts known as the Zohar represents the collective wisdom of various strands of Jewish mysticism, or kabbalah, up to the thirteenth century. This massive work continues to provide the foundation of much Jewish mystical thought and practice to the present day. In this book, Pinchas Giller examines certaing sections of the Zohar and the ways in which the central doctrines of classical kabbalah took shape around them.

"In Reading the Zohar, Giller (University of Judaism, CA), has succeeded in producing a work that will engage nonacademic readers while still making a substantial contribution to the scholarly study of Jewish mysticism."--Choice

"Pinchas Giller...has an exquisite mastery of both primary and secondary materials in the study of Kabbalah in general, and Zohar in particular....As Reading the Zohar unfolds, the centuries of ideological accretions are slowly separated out, and the reader comes to understand how Jewish mystical ideas developed over time and what implications those concepts had inside Jewish intellectual life. Yet, for all his mastery of academic texts, Giller writes plainly and clearly."--The Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles



A Note on the Sefirot

1 The Zohar and Its Commentators

2 Sabba de-Mishpatim: Love and Reincarnation

3 Hormanuta: A Zoharic Creation Tradition

4 The Idrot: The Literary Tradition

5 The Idrot: The Doctrine of the Countenances

6 The Idrot: The Emanation of Divinity

7 Reading the Idrot

Appendix: Idra Texts




The Brothers Ashkenazi

Anti-Judaism: The Western Tradition

Rome and Jerusalem: The Clash of Ancient Civilizations

Encyclopedia of Jewish American Popular Culture

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