Sad Wind from the Sea

Sad Wind from the Sea

Jack Higgins

Language: English

Pages: 98

ISBN: 000727422X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A gunrunner’s hunt for a fortune in gold leads to a life-and-death struggle in Communist China

The classic Jack Higgins thriller

Mark Hagen’s streak of bad luck left him broke, despondent, and barely able to eke out a living smuggling guns in Macao. But things begin to look up when Hagen gets a lead on a bounty of gold, lying untouched at the bottom of a lagoon in the marshes of southern China.

Unfortunately for Hagen, he’s not the only one after the sunken treasure, and the race to the gold quickly escalates into a bloody struggle for survival on the treacherous waters of the South China Sea.

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