Silent Justice

Silent Justice

William Bernhardt

Language: English

Pages: 400

ISBN: 0345428129

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

"I think we're doing the right thing here. Not the smart thing. Certainly not the safe thing. But the right thing." Such is attorney Ben Kincaid's assessment of the case he has just taken on--despite his professional belief that the class action suit is a suicide mission. Logic tells him to turn away eleven angry, devastated parents, but his underdog's heart cannot forget their innocent children whose untimely deaths cry out for justice.

H. P. Blaylock Industrial Machinery Corporation is charged with dumping toxic chemicals into the community's drinking water. Facing off against the small Kincaid staff and their meager resources is Tulsa's largest law firm and Ben's onetime employer: Raven, Tucker & Tubb. And challenging Ben in the courtroom is the firm's fabled top gun, Charlton Colby--not to mention a hot-headed judge with a notorious soft spot for big business.

But as Ben prepares for legal battle, a select group of Blaylock employees are fighting for their very lives against a sadistic killer. With each gruesome murder, a terrifying connection is more deeply drawn between Ben's quest for justice and another man's relentless hunt for the spoils of his own private--and very dirty--war.

Critics hailed William Bernhardt's earlier bestsellers as "captivating" (New York Law Journal) and "throat-grabbing" (New York Daily News). Now the author's storytelling prowess reaches heightened levels of intensity and ingenuity. Constructed with enough twists to keep even expert whodunit solvers offbalance, Silent Justice proves that--as Library Journal declares--Bernhardt is "the master of the courtroom drama."

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