Store It!: Where to Put All the Things You Want to Keep

Store It!: Where to Put All the Things You Want to Keep

Mervyn Kaufman

Language: English

Pages: 82

ISBN: 2:00275244

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

After pulling everything you own off of shelves and out of closets and cabinets-and disposing of what you don't need and won't ever use-your next task is figuring out how to store what you've kept. Mervyn Kaufman, author of Store It!, leads you through every corner of the house, from entry to attic, exploring ways to expand storage and eliminate clutter.

You will see how consoles with drawers and benches with bins can help you hide essentials. In living and dining rooms, Kaufman will show you how a wall of shelving can let you to store all your books or collectibles and how discreetly positioned cabinets will keep platters, big bowls and table linens near where you need them but out of sight.

Kitchen storage can be amplified, even in tiny rooms, and that goes for bathrooms too. Kids' rooms, like home offices, seem to invite clutter. This book will show how to contain it so it won't overflow elsewhere. Last but not least, bedrooms and closets get a thorough examination.

Store It! offers space-stretching ideas from gifted designers. What you see, and are invited to adapt, will vary in scope and complexity. But all of it is focused on one goal: to make your home comfortable and uncluttered, so everything has its own accessible place.

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