Temporary Structure Design

Temporary Structure Design

Christopher Souder

Language: English

Pages: 456

ISBN: 111890558X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A comprehensive guide to temporary structures in construction projects

Temporary Structure Design is the first book of its kind, presenting students and professionals with authoritative coverage of the major concepts in designing temporary construction structures. Beginning with a review of statistics, it presents the core topics needed to fully comprehend the design of temporary structures: strength of materials; types of loads on temporary structures; scaffolding design; soil properties and soil loading; soldier beam, lagging, and tiebacks; sheet piling and strutting; pressure and forces on formwork and falsework; concrete formwork design; falsework; bracing and guying; trestles and equipment bridges; and the support of existing structures.

Temporary structures during construction include scaffolding, formwork, shoring, ramps, platforms, earth-retaining structures, and other construction structures that are not part of the permanent installation. These structures are less regulated and monitored than most other parts of the construction process, even though they are often supporting tons of steel or concrete—and the safety of all workers on the site depends on these structures to perform as designed. Unfortunately, most tragic failures occur during construction and are usually the result of improperly designed, constructed, and/or maintained temporary structures. Temporary Structure Design fills an important need in the literature by providing a trusted, comprehensive guide to designing temporary construction structures.

  • Serves as the first book to provide a design-oriented approach to the design of temporary structures
  • Includes coverage of the various safety considerations inherent in temporary structure design and construction
  • Provides information on estimating cost and schedules for these specialized structures
  • Covers formwork and falsework, as well as personnel protection, production support, environmental protection, and foundational structures

If you're a student or a professional working in the field of construction or structural engineering, Temporary Structure Design is a must-have resource you'll turn to again and again.

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