The 21st Golden Age of Science Fiction Megapack: 25 Stories by Edward Wellen (Golden Age of SF Megapack, Book 21)

The 21st Golden Age of Science Fiction Megapack: 25 Stories by Edward Wellen (Golden Age of SF Megapack, Book 21)

Edward Wellen

Language: English

Pages: 266


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The Golden Age of Science Fiction Megapacks are designed to introduce readers to classic science fiction writers who might otherwise be forgotten.

Edward Wellen (1919-2011) was a writer primarily of short stories, most in the mystery genre. However, he penned a not insubstantial number of science fiction over the course of his career—starting (sort of!) with a "non-fact article" Origins of Galactic Slang for Galaxy magazine. This Megapack collects 25 of his best tales from those early years… plus a few later tales as well.

About the Megapacks
Over the last few years, our “Megapack” series of ebook anthologies has proved to be one of our most popular endeavors. (Maybe it helps that we sometimes offer them as premiums to our mailing list!) One question we keep getting asked is, “Who’s the editor?”
The Megapacks (except where specifically credited) are a group effort. Everyone at Wildside works on them. This includes John Betancourt, Mary Wickizer Burgess, Sam Cooper, Carla Coupe, Steve Coupe, Bonner Menking, Colin Azariah-Kribbs, Robert Reginald. A. E. Warren, and many of Wildside’s authors… who often suggest stories to include (and not just their own!)

Seven Day’s Wonder
With Ah! Bright Wings
Shapes to Come
No Other Gods
Call Me Proteus
Chalk Talk
Androids Don’t Cry
Film Buff
The Cryonauts
Tar Baby
The Second Fall, Or Anthony Comstock’s Final Victory
Sanity Clause
Further Deponent Sayeth Not
Errata Slip
Errata Slip Number Two
Finger of Fate
The Book of Elijah
Heroic Measures

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