The Corpse That Walked

The Corpse That Walked

Language: English

Pages: 244

ISBN: 1491234458

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A Golden Age pulp detective thriller from the 1950's.

Death, in a fiendish disguise, had come to keep an appointment.

He wore another man's face. He lived with another man's woman. And he was to die another man's death. Alan Douglas found himself in a macabre masquerade that could have only one ending--murder. Beyond the door was a man who didn't exist, but who was intent on killing him! Alan Douglas loves Gail Foster. Gail Foster's father finds himself framed for embezzlement and must pay the money back or be charged with the crime. Alan is offered a heap of money if he will impersonate a certain rich man for several months--an offer he can't afford to refuse if he wants to help Gail's father. But...nothing is what it seems.

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