The Fundamentals of Interior Architecture

The Fundamentals of Interior Architecture

Naomi House, John Coles

Language: English

Pages: 178


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Now students of architecture and interior design can get a full introduction to interior architecture and its history in one authoritative volume. The Fundamentals of Interior Architecture, the first in a series on the subject, is also the only book on the market that approaches the topic in a detailed, educationally focused way. Whether "home" is the simplest railroad flat or the halls of Versailles, interior architecture reflects our times. Discover the intriguing past and the exhilarating present of architectural interiors and furnishings, drafting and presentation skills, space planning, materials, lighting design, professional practices, 2D design, color theory, 3D design, drawing and illustration skills, and the use of CAD. A great price and handy paper binding make this book a must-have for everyone interested in how we live and work today.

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