Membranes of Cells

Membranes of Cells

Language: English

Pages: 349

ISBN: 0127690417

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In this new edition of The Membranes of Cells, all of the chapters have been updated, some have been completely rewritten, and a new chapter on receptors has been added. The book has been designed to provide both the student and researcher with a synthesis of information from a number of scientific disciplines to create a comprehensive view of the structure and function of the membranes of cells. The topics are treated in sufficient depth to provide an entry point to the more detailed literature needed by the researcher.

Key Features
* Introduces biologists to membrane structure and physical chemistry
* Introduces biophysicists to biological membrane function
* Provides a comprehensive view of cell membranes to students, either as a necessary background for other specialized disciplines or as an entry into the field of biological membrane research
* Clarifies ambiguities in the field

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