The Merchant Navy (Shire Library)

The Merchant Navy (Shire Library)

Richard Woodman

Language: English

Pages: 58

ISBN: 2:00177123

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This title tells the epic story of Britain's merchant shipping, carrying exotic goods from all quarters of the world. At one time, British ships carried half of the world's trade. It reveals how two world wars nearly destroyed our merchant shipping, but convoys battled on to save Britain from starving to death. We see what life was like at sea for merchant seamen and get a first-hand glimpse of them at work.

TOC: I: What is the Merchant Navy? /II: Britain Rules the Waves /III: Britain's Life Lines /IV: Life at Sea /V: New Challenges /Suggested reading /Places to visit /Index

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