The Scorpion Signal (Quiller, Book 9)

The Scorpion Signal (Quiller, Book 9)

Adam Hall

Language: English

Pages: 151

ISBN: 0061005347

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The Quiller series focuses on a solitary, highly capable spy (named after Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch) who works (generally alone) for a government bureau that "doesn't exist" and narrates his own adventures. Quiller (not his real name) occupies a literary middle ground between James Bondand John le Carré. He is a skilled driver, pilot, diver, and linguist, but does not carry a gun.

The series is very stylized, featuring intense depictions of spy tradecraft and professional relationships, surprising jump cuts between chapters, and deep, sometimes self-pitying interior monologues. The first of the Quiller novels, The Berlin Memorandum (1965) (retitled The Quiller Memorandum in the US) won an Edgar Award, from the Mystery Writers of America, for Best Novel. It was filmed in 1966 under its US title with a screenplay by Harold Pinter and starred George Segal and Alec Guinness. It was also adapted into a 1975 British television series, featuring Michael Jayston.

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