The Scythe (The Mafia Trilogy Book 3)

The Scythe (The Mafia Trilogy Book 3)

Jonas Saul

Language: English

Pages: 274


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

*Warning: Graphic Violence

In Book One, The Kill, the Italian Mafia go after the wrong man.

In Book Two, The Blade, the Gambino Family do it again.

In Book Three, The Scythe, the Russian Mafia have different plans. They want to take over Toronto, a territory so large it was previously thought to be too big for one family. But Darwin Kostas and his wife, Rosina, stand in the way.

As a peace offering to the Italians and the Chinese, the Russians intend to execute Darwin. First, they have to catch him, but using his wife as bait is not enough.

While the Russians attempt to organize a meeting of rival families where Darwin will be terminated, something the Italians tried twice and failed, Darwin realizes he is on his own.

With the FBI not able to help and his wife in the hands of the Mafia, Darwin decides the only way to win this war is to kill them all.

Darwin fights the Russians in the biggest Mafia war Toronto has ever seen in The Scythe, Book Three of the Mafia Trilogy, the final installment.

The Mafia Trilogy Books in order:

1. The Kill

2. The Blade

3. The Scythe

Sleep and His Brother (Jimmy Pibble, Book 4)

The Good Girl

De Cock en de blijde Bacchus (De Cock, Book 56)

Thunder Bay (Cork O'Connor, Book 7)

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