The Shadowers (Matt Helm, Book 7)

The Shadowers (Matt Helm, Book 7)

Donald Hamilton

Language: English

Pages: 109

ISBN: 0449131939

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Book 7 of 27 in the series. 2013 retail epub of the novel which was first released in 1964. The series is being slowly released as first-time ebooks by Titan Books one at a time beginning in 2013. At the current rate book 27 will be out in ebook format in 2017.

* * *

A brand-new edition of the classic novel.

In order to foil a mass assassination plot, Matt Helm must undertake his most dangerous mission: matrimony. An agent like Helm might be a nice man to live with for a while, be he's not the kind a woman would marry. Unless she has too. Unless it's all part of maintaining an ingenious cover. The man whose daily bread is violence takes a most unlikely bride - just to make sure death doesn't part them.

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