The Warrior Diet

The Warrior Diet

Ori Hofmekler, Diana Holtzberg

Language: English

Pages: 397


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The Warrior Diet presents a brilliant synthesis of modern scientific research and ancient time-tested secrets for reducing body fat, gaining energy, getting stronger and looking younger.

Our problem, according to Ori Hofmekler, is that we have lost touch with the natural wisdom of our instinctual drives. We have become the slaves of our own creature comforts. The result: ill-advised eating and lifestyle habits that leave us vulnerable to all manner of disease - not to mention unwanted flab, premature wrinkling and a sagging, weak, unattractive body.

The first step is to break the chains of our current eating habits. The Warrior Diet proves that humans are at their energetic, physical, mental and passionate best when they "undereat" during the day and "overeat" at night. Once you master this essential eating cycle, a new life of explosive vigor, good looks and vitality will be yours for the taking.

Not just a diet, but a whole way of life, The Warrior Diet encourages us to seize back the pleasures of being alive -from the most refined to the wild and raw. The Warrior Diet is practical, tested, and based in commonsense. Expect results!

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