The Year's Best Horror Stories, Series VIII

The Year's Best Horror Stories, Series VIII

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For the reader who hasn’t the patience to search through several shelves of books and magazines for enough good horror stories to furnish a year’s worth of nightmares—don't despair, those untroubled nights are over. Collected here are the best horror stories to be published in 1979. Here you will find both traditional and non-traditional horrors, terrors from the supernatural and from the inner mind. Some of these stories are from the most noted authors of the fantasy genre, others represent only an author’s first or second published story . . .

All of these stories do have one point in common, however, and that is their power to create a convincing mood of fear and unease. In selecting these stories I followed no restrictive definitions, guidelines or taboos. My goal was to gather together the best . . .


—Karl Edward Wagner, Editor

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