Trust Me, Mom: A Less Stressful Approach to Parenting Teenage Daughters

Trust Me, Mom: A Less Stressful Approach to Parenting Teenage Daughters

Roni Cohen-Sandler

Language: English

Pages: 279

ISBN: 2:00203425

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

It's hard to imagine a mother who isn't concerned about something connected to the social behavior of her teenage daughter—whether it's friends, romance, heartbreak, secrecy, attitudes, temptations, stress management , or the fallout from painful (and occasionally irrevocable) mistakes. The list of potential worries connected to adolescent development is endless. While some girls are isolated and lonely, others become so preoccupied with texting, chatting, and making plans their grades and extracurricular activities suffer. While some teens long to date, others form unhealthy, if not abusive, attachments. Mothers are troubled when daughters are bossy, disloyal, victimized, shy, controlling, unassertive, or mean. And when teens begin to guard their privacy with a vengeance, mothers must deal with issues of trust, lying, trouble, and discipline. If all this isn't enough, there are also the notorious risks of sex, adolescent substance abuse, and violence.

Trust Me, Mom: A Less Stressful Approach to Mothering Teenage Daughters is the bible every mother needs! Drawing from more than 30 years of experience, Dr. Roni Cohen-Sandler provides a clear-cut, practical plan for parenting teens in the 21st-century that reduces stress while strengthening the bond between mothers and daughters. Trust Me, Mom covers:
How to discuss important topics, raise concerns and impart values.
How to teach daughters the social-emotional and problem-solving skills they need to thrive in the world.
How to deal with the challenges and frustrations mothers face, including their worries, anger, shock, shame, and even disgust at their daughters' poor decisions and risky behaviors.
How to appreciate that girls' impulsive mistakes arise from immature teen brains trying to manage compelling, developmental desires for inclusion, acceptance, and autonomy.
How to differentiate between expected teen behavior and red flags for more serious trouble.
How to foster Self-esteem for teen girls and the strong sense of self and authentic inner voice that will guide them when mothers are not around.
How to get information about what girls are really thinking and doing.
How to know when girls are ready for more freedom.
How to know when they should start dating.
How to handle curfews, consequences, and downward spirals of punishment.
How to define the limits of privacy—and is it ever okay for mothers to snoop?
How to understand the way technology (e.g. cell phones, texting and social media) is shaping today's teens' communications and interactions.
How to inoculate girls against peer pressure, substances, and inappropriate sexual activity.
How to cope with those topics that keep mothers awake at night: unsupervised parties, bullying, oral sex, coed sleepovers, underage drinking, and sex and violence in the media.
And what about LGBT teens? This totally revised, updated and expanded eBook edition of Trust Me, Mom goes so far beyond other teen help books! Armed with a sensible plan and an extensive repertoire of effective strategies, mothers will be more confident of raising strong, socially skilled young women who can enjoy healthy, satisfying relationships.

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