Two Sides to Every Story (Love Spectrum Romance)

Two Sides to Every Story (Love Spectrum Romance)

Dyanne Davis

Language: English

Pages: 300


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Raphael Remeris is a Chicago policeman with a dark secret of childhood abuse. The abuse lead him to his vocation to protect the innocent.

Angela Reed is a free lance writer from a nearby Chicago Suburb. When her brother is arrested and found guilty of gang activity and locked away in Statesville Penitentiary Angela goes on a crusade to prove him innocent and to find the dirty cops her brother swears framed him. With time running out her brother is pressing her to increase her efforts and convince her to move into a rough Hispanic area of Chicago. Angela runs into officer Remeris again and again, her hatred of him fueling a battle for dominance. But she soon finds that Raphael fuels more than her anger. He's started a fire in her heart.

As Angela and Raphael work together to find evidence that will free Angela's brother Raphael wants to prove to Angela that there's always Two Sides To Every Story. . .

The Night of the Rambler

Where Two Hearts Meet

Conscious and Verbal: Poems


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