Warrior of the Ages (Warriors of the Ages) (Volume 1)

Warrior of the Ages (Warriors of the Ages) (Volume 1)

S.R. Karfelt

Language: English

Pages: 300

ISBN: 0989534707

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In a small town in Ohio an ancient immortal warrior is the local police chief. It’s Kahtar’s duty to make sure that anyone who wanders into Willowyth doesn’t stay long, and the entire police force is in on it. No one would ever guess that a veiled world hides nearby, and it is Kahtar’s job to make sure they never do. Beth White is drawn to the idyllic little village, thrilled to find a place to call home and run her business. She barely pays attention to the lies of the quirky locals, and when they try to force her out of town, she stubbornly refuses to go. The night crazed intruders break into her shop everything changes. Suddenly Beth is thrown into a world of clans and cults, where the police carry swords and heal gunshot wounds with a prayer, and she wants nothing more than to escape. Kahtar’s inability to keep Beth from the secrets of his people is neither his first failure, nor his worst. Though he regrets it, it is just another failure in millennia of failure. Not long after taking Beth White away from everything she has ever known, he realizes it is more than the secrets of his clan that are in danger. Beth has a secret of her own, and it is bigger and scarier than his.

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