White Goods

White Goods

Guy A Johnson

Language: English

Pages: 374

ISBN: 1491263350

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Set in the south of England at the beginning of the 1980’s, White Goods is a novel about loss and the search for the truth, told through the eyes of a deceptive twelve-year-old boy. Scot Buckley is a complex young man, living under the shadow of absence: his mother encounters a horrific death at the start of the book. Further, he is haunted by the elusive existence of a relative simply known as ‘Jackie’ – whose very being the rest of his family are determined to keep secret. White Goods opens very dramatically: a child is pushed into the icy, open mouth of a chest freezer and the lid is slammed shut. His identity and fate are central to the story, but remain a mystery until the end. Aside from the imprisoning chest freezer, other domestic goods participate in the drama. Scot recalls that his mother’s death is the result of a gory accident with a dishwasher. However, all is not as it initially seems and, each time Scot recalls her death, the scene and the actual cause are different… White Goods is Guy Johnson’s second published novel. As with his debut, doG Backwards, the cover art was created by Lisa Moss. Praise for doG Backwards: 'Really liked! V interesting, gripping and unusual!' - Sophie Hannah, bestselling author of 'Little Face' and 'Kind of Cruel.' ‘A powerful and unusual exploration of grief.’ ‘Intriguing and complex.’ ‘Original, gripping, emotional and unique plot.’

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